Post Jam Update. Keep that bacon moving.

Just added a version that fixed a bunch of problems so the game could be more "complete".

  • Fixed slow/unstable frame rates
  • Got some complaints the game was too fast...Well i added an option to make it even FASTER!!
  • But for real, the framrate fix should fix super natural speed ( use the setting...heheh)
  • FIXED THAT LEVEL 9!! DANG IT! (Level 9 is endless)
  • Fixed UI problems, like buttons not pressing
  • Fixed difficulty modes
  • Fixed bosses to spit a dangerous projectile once in a while
  • Hardcore mode boss fights are ... harder
  • Fish that spit are still slow to hit you. But that's how I made them to discourage careless jumping. Harumph!
  • Fixed spring drawing a white block behind it

There might still be some bugs, but at least now the nasty ones are gone...Hopefully.

Piggy Jiggy Jiggy Piggy.

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Apr 12, 2022 10 MB
Apr 12, 2022

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