A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Fight your way to innocence in this bullet hell.

Prove with your soul that you didn't commit the crime against space-time.

Made for the bullet hell game jam 2022, ran out of time ... and other things.

SORRY for only the love file being there. Electricity shortage, bad network and other lame excuses stopped me from adding a 

1) More complete Soul Prison and

2) A windows build (love file will still work on Windows though)

Install instructions

Sorry, ran out of time to build a pure windows version. *cries*

Get Love2d from https://love2d.org for your respective platform, download play soul.love and run it with Love2d. WOOT. Yeah.


soul.love 11 MB
soul_prison.love - newer post jam version 11 MB

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