New Version Out. All improved, all dust...errr...proved?

Yo, yo, who's reaady for an update yo! ... I shouldn't have typed that. I need more sleep. But my honour won't allow me to delete it, yoh!-dang it, I did it again.

It seems I have done a lot ... in some ways.

Yeah, a new beta-that-should-be-called-alpha-or-something-like-that build!

This fixes quite a few problems that everyone has told me about and then some.

And on top of that there's a gallery for sale with cool pictures of the Dust world!

Here's a preview of the gallery so you know what to expect.

Ahhhghrghh. BUY IT! BUY IT DANG YOU. And if you don't buy it I'll-I'll-I'll send my robot patrollers after you.

But for real, if you don't buy it or donate then atleast check out the game. It's really improved...

And now for all the messups I have made, check out the change long-I mean log:

• fixed minimap intrusiveness

• fixed bots AI some more (no longer do they rush thee so)

• fixed bug that caused first room in first playthrough to not give back the controls to the player

• watched Encanto, pretty okay, but between me and you, we don't talk about Bruno

• fixed implementation of screenshake

• fixed companions AI a little

• fixed radio talking too much (a little)

• Fixed clicking sound when dialog is on

• balanced the levels to be quicker and funner

• improved explosions (kind of)

• revamped in-game UI (especially for DESKTOP users)

• changed the way "Big Guys" (bigPatrollers) attack

• ...

• ...

• sorry, I fell asleep

• added robot patroller thingy

• ate breakfast late, don't judge me

• added some accessibility options (like turn of screenshake, etc)

• added some video options to help increase performance

• added indicator for if you're shooting or building

• Watched "Arcane", okay though not as good as "Invincible"

• added some equipment that can change runs

• You're a gopher, they are moles. It's different, alwaaaays has been BABY.

• added mimics

• other small bug fixes and additions that I forgot about or too ashamed to list out.

Hopefully if this does well for the next update I'll add the second boss (also read as: second boss will be added if someone manages to reach the first boss.)

Chow (I spelt that wrong didn't I?) Cio! Ciau! Ciao!!!!

Dang it.

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Feb 19, 2022

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