Quality of knife-I mean life!- Update. (+Sale boat)

Big quality of life update!

Made domes stuffses better. :P

Heh, updated. For this little experiment I tried this. Support me if you dare, if not you (or my future self) get to look at my  "manifesto" XD :P...

Dust Summer Sale Boat



• Deadly scenarios

• Chaotic gameplay ...heheh

• Bullet ... many of the bullet

• Questionable  motivations

• Newly generated level every time you play


• Rough arcade mode

• Stupid enemies that will kill you

• Not so stupid enemies that will kill you

• very very stupid comrades that will kill themselves

• Gear and loot in each run

• Nap time!

• Will you seriously kill the crying nerd?


• To support me make it better ;)

Dust Summer Sale Boat

Soon we'll see what delights wait in store *que creepy wizard offering you candy*


dust.love 29 MB
Jun 17, 2022
dust.zip 33 MB
Jun 18, 2022

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